Robert Maximo Parker

Robert Maximo Parker

I’m a Canadian writer, English teacher, photographer, and content creator who has been living in Hiroshima since 2019. I came to Japan in 2017, and after two years of living in Osaka I moved to Hiroshima and am loving it! I spend much of my free (and working) time exploring new places and experiencing new things in the city and surrounding area.

Even though Hiroshima is smaller than some other cities in Japan, there is so much to do here and I spend much of my time documenting the great things I’ve discovered in Hiroshima on YouTube and Instagram. Living in western Hiroshima City makes it easy to go to such amazing places as Miyajima, so I’ve really grown to love living in this city.

My wife is from a small island town in Hiroshima Prefecture, which means I’ve also had many opportunities to discover smaller, yet truly fantastic places outside of Hiroshima City that are well worth visiting but can be easily missed because they’re more “local.” I love to be able to share some of these places with others so that they can be discovered and enjoyed by more than just the locals.

I hope my experiences will inspire you to explore and discover more of what Hiroshima has to offer.