Restaurant Yoshoku Kobo

Restaurant Yosoku Kobo is a museum restaurant attached to the “Okudagenso Sayume Museum”. The large windows offer a view of the museum’s beautiful garden, which changes its appearance with the seasons. The menu at the restaurant consists of casual course meals and French cuisine such as beef stew, and most of the dishes are made with fresh ingredients from Miyoshi. Limited edition menus are also offered according to the seasons, so you can enjoy new dishes whenever you visit.

At Restaurant Yoshoku Kobo, you can enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients from Miyoshi. The most popular dish is the beef stew, which is made with four kinds of beef, including the tongue, cheek, tail, and beef strips. The relaxed atmosphere of this restaurant is perfect after a day of viewing art works at the museum.


10453-6, Higashisakeyamachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima
10:00am -8:00pm (last order 7:30pm)
※ Closes at 5:00pm on Mondays.
Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.