Gakko Shokudo (学校食堂)

Gakko Shokudo (School Cafeteria) is a restaurant in Jinsekikogen-cho, built in an old elementary school building that was closed in 1984, where you can enjoy lunch in the classroom using a variety of ingredients from Hiroshima Prefecture. The restaurant also holds events in the school building from time to time, and in the past has hosted popular events such as a cosplay event for an anime set in the school.

A reservation is required for cosplay shooting in the studio.

The most popular menu at the “School Cafeteria” is the school lunch menu, which has been served at elementary schools in Japan for centuries. The lunch plates are served on aluminum dishes, and even those who were not born and raised in Japan will feel nostalgic about the menu. In addition, there are many other dishes that will fill your heart and stomach, such as a steak lunch using the luxurious “Jinseki Beef,” a brand of beef raised in Jinsekikogen-cho. The School Cafeteria also has a cosplay studio where you can take cosplay photos, which is popular with many cosplayers.


1282 Iseki, Jinsekikogen Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
11:00 - 15:00 ※ Occasionally closes early
Tuesday ※ May close on other days