Latte Art Café Crema (ラテアートカフェクレマ)

Latte Art Café Crema is a coffee specialty store in Higashihiroshima City. The baristas, who have won second place in the Japan National Barista Championship, brew a wide variety of espresso coffee for you to enjoy. There is also a latte art service where you can have a cup of coffee with various latte art such as swans, cats, and fish. Cakes that go well with coffee such as tiramisu, and rich, fresh pasta are also popular on the lunch and dessert menus.

The most attractive feature of Latte Art Café Crema is that you can enjoy espresso coffee brewed with first-class extraction techniques. All the coffee beans used are high quality beans purchased from Café Rosso, a coffee bean store that roasts its own coffee. The coffee is carefully brewed one cup at a time, taking into consideration the condition of the beans and the temperature of the day. The most popular drink on the menu is the Matcha Cappuccino. The sweetness of matcha green tea and milk and the depth of espresso make for a delicious coffee. You can also have latte art drawn on top of the milk foam.


6-2-31 Hachihonmatsu-higashi, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
11:00 - 18:00