OYSTER FARM Hiroshima (オイスターファーム広島)

OYSTER FARM Hiroshima is an oyster restaurant located in Hiroshima Airport that opened in April 2022, and is known as the gateway to the skies of Hiroshima. It is an affiliate of the specialty oyster restaurant “Oyster Ship Kanawa” in Hiroshima City, and is popular among domestic and international tourists as a more casual way to enjoy oyster dishes before or after a flight. In addition to oyster dishes, the restaurant offers many Hiroshima specialties such as Takehara beef steak and conger eel rice. The restaurant also offers a great view of the runway where airplanes come and go.

Differing from “Oyster Boat Kanawa” in Hiroshima City, “OYSTER FARM Hiroshima” offers oyster dishes at more reasonable prices. The lineup of oyster dishes includes nabe (hot pot), tempura, and other common oyster dishes that are common in Hiroshima households, making it a popular place to enjoy oyster dishes in a more casual atmosphere. They also have a large selection of sake and shochu that go well with oysters, and at night you can enjoy oysters, sake, and the night view of the runway.


Hiroshima Airport Building 3F, 64-31 Hongo-cho Zennyuji, Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
11:00 - 20:00
Never closes