Japanese Sake

Sake is one of the most important things to remember when sightseeing in Higashihiroshima. Saijo in Higashi-Hiroshima City is one of the most famous sake producing areas in Japan, and produces sake with a unique sharpness. 7 sake breweries are clustered around JR Saijo Station, and you can taste and buy sake at each of them. In addition, many of the pubs and bars in Saijo sell sake produced in Saijo’s breweries, making it easy to enjoy sake.

The sake available in Saijo is called “Saijo Sake,” and is characterized by its unique sharp taste. There are seven sake breweries in Saijo, each producing a different kind of sake, and Hakubotan, founded in 1675, is popular for its “Beni Kan Man,” a sake that goes well with Momiji Manju, a famous Hiroshima sweet. It is recommended to eat it with international sweets such as madeleines and donuts.