cocoron (ココロン)

Cocoron is a bakery located a five-minute walk from JR Saijo Station. Inside the one-story Japanese-style house, you will find dozens of standard breads such as danishes and croissants. There are also many original breads on the menu, such as “Sake-Kasu Campagne,” in which sake lees are kneaded into the dough, making it a popular bakery with many fans from Hiroshima Prefecture and beyond.

All the breads made at the cocoron bakery are made using the same brewing water used in Saijo’s sake breweries. The medium-hard water unique to Saijo allows the bread to ferment more slowly, resulting in a more mature dough. One of the most popular breads at cocoron is amazake bread, which uses amazake instead of sugar. The sweet sake, which is derived from the koji used in the preparation of Japanese sake, is kneaded into the bread dough to give the bread its unique sweetness and sticky texture.


7-33 Saijo Honmachi, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Tel: 082-437-5470
Fax: 082-437-5470
10:00 - 18:00
Monday - Tuesday