About Hiroshima

Setouchi Area

The beauty of the many islands of the Seto Inland Sea is another attraction in Hiroshima. The Shimanami Sea Route and the Tobishima Sea Route, which take you from island to island, are popular among cyclists. Miyajima Island, is a a World Heritage Site and world-famous tourist destination. There are also historically important districts such as the former naval academy on Etajima and the Mitarai Street Preservation District on Osakishimashita Island, which also attract many tourists. The mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea also allows for the bountiful cultivation of citrus fruits. The city boasts the largest production lemons in Japan.


Surrounded by the Chugoku region and Shikoku Island, there are more than 700 islands in the Seto Inland Sea, and each island has its own unique industry that flourishes. Among them, the most famous is lemon farming. Lemons produced in the Setouchi region account for 30% of the domestic market share, making it the largest producer in Japan.

Cycling trips around the islands of the Setouchi are also popular. The sixty kilometer long Shimanami Kaido along with the Aki-Nada-Tobishima Kaido connects Shimokamagari Island to Okamura Island with seven bridges. Along with the Kakishima Kaido, which connects Kure City and Etajima, all these routes are popular destinations for cyclists to tour the best spots on the islands.