About Hiroshima

Onomichi / Fukuyama Area

Onomichi City is located in the southeast of Hiroshima Prefecture, with a population of about 130,000. Onomichi has been recognized as a Japanese Heritage Site for being a “Garden City” that attracts 6.7 million tourists annually. The most popular spots to visit are around Senkoji Temple, where you can enjoy the retro cityscape, the maze of streets and sloping alleys, and a mixture of temples, shrines, and private homes. In recent years, the “Shimanami Kaido” cycling path connecting Hiroshima’s Onomichi City and Ehime’s Imabari City, has been attracting attention from cyclists from all over the world.

Onomichi, Fukuyama and Shimanami Kaido

The city of Onomichi ranks as one of the top three most popular tourist destinations in Hiroshima. The Kosanji Museum, with its artistic white gardens, and Senkoji Temple, built in 806, are some of the best places to see both historical and modern sights. Onomichi is also known for its cycling, with the Onomichi U2 cycling complex and the Shimanami Kaido Cycling Route. The cycling route goes through locations such as Imabari City and Ehime Prefecture, attracting many cyclists from Japan and abroad.

In the city of Tomonoura you can see a town that hasn’t changed since the Edo period. The Fukuyama Auto and Clock Museum, where famous cars from more than 100 years ago are on display, is also just one of the various tourist attractions in Fukuyama.