About Hiroshima

Northern Hiroshima Area

Miyoshi City, Shobara City, Akiota Town, and Kitahiroshima Town are the main areas in the northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture.
In addition to sightseeing spots such as Kagura (a traditional Japanese performing art) in Akitakata City, and Miyoshi Winery, one of Hiroshima’s most famous wine farms, there are many other popular attractions including touring the flower gardens of Sera in spring, hiking amidst the beautiful autumn leaves of Sandankyo, and taking part in winter sports at Utopia Saioto.

Sandankyo, Akiota, Kitahiroshima

The Geihoku Region, where Akiota Town and Kitahiroshima Town are located, is a region of heavy snowfall with a tranquil rural landscape. There are many ski resorts and other leisure spots, and in winter, skiers from all over Japan flock to the region.

Sandankyo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Geihoku Region. Sandankyo has been awarded three stars in the Blue Guide: France, and visitors can enjoy an overwhelmingly beautiful view like that of a landscape painting. The thirteen-kilometer-long gorge is full of waterfalls and cliffs created by nature, and it is also famous for its Forest Therapy®.