Regina Yamada

Regina Yamada

Hi! My name’s Regina Yamada, and I’m a Psychology graduate from the University of the Philippines. After graduating, I moved to Hiroshima to study Nihongo, so I’m a student on the weekdays and an adventurer and photographer on weekends!

As an active individual, I love exploring the outdoors. I always try out different outdoor sports such as surfing and snowboarding, but among everything I’ve done, I love hiking and diving the most. I also love volunteering for different causes. My philosophy is that if I’m spending money, I’m spending it on experience.

These experiences made me a better individual today, and as I transition to a new life in Japan, I am extremely grateful to be learning from different people from different cultures every day.

Join me in my journey as I get to know Hiroshima! You can visit my Instagram account (@regendary_). You can also check out my travel photos around Japan and the Philippines in my Shutterstock profile at https://www.shutterstock.com/g/regendary