Ohmishima Limone (大三島リモーネ)

Limone is a souvenir store on Omishima, an island off the coast of Imabari in Ehime Prefecture. It is run by a couple of lemon farmers and sells sweets, juices and other souvenirs made from organic and pesticide-free fruits. The store features a retro look that could have appeared in the Ghibli film “My Neighbor Totoro.” When you enter the store, you will be greeted by a lemon-filled lineup of lemon drinks, seasonings, and even lemon-patterned goods. There are also sweets sold only at the store, and other products that can only be found at Limone.

At Limone, a souvenir store run by a lemon farmer, you can buy juices and seasonings made from lemons and other citrus fruits grown in the Seto Inland Sea. All the citrus fruits used in Limone’s products are grown using organic and pesticide-free methods, with no waxing of the peel. In addition, many of the products are made without using animal-derived materials, so vegans can buy them with peace of mind.


2342 Kamiura-cho Seto, Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, JAPAN
Tel: 0897-87-2131
Fax: 0897-87-2131
11:00 - around 17:00
Tuesday and Friday (occasional irregular temporary closures from December to February)