Hiroshima Specialties

Etajima Hometown Exchange Center (江田島ふるさと交流館)

The centrally located Etajima Hometown Exchange Center is a convenient information center for touring Etajima. Inside the building, there are pamphlets with information on tourist sites on Etajima and in the Setouchi area, timetables for modes of public transport, a souvenir corner with Etajima’s specialty products for sale, and a rest area that cyclists would be delighted to utilize. In addition, in the exhibit on the second floor, there are precious documents on display that are relevant to the Old Naval Academy and JMSDF First Service School.

At the Etajima Hometown Exchange Center, a wide array of souvenirs–from classic snacks to trinkets one can use at home–is available for purchase. Among the most popular gifts is the “Etajima Naval Curry,” a famous specialty recreated from what was actually eaten by the seamen at the Old Naval Academy (now the JMSDF First Service School). By preparing only steamed white rice, visitors can eat the Etajima specialty naval curry anywhere. Besides that, one can also enjoy black tea or coffee in the rest area (for a fee).



1-3-10 Etajima-cho Chuo, Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
9:00 - 17:00
Monday (in the case where Monday is a public holiday, closes the weekday after)
December 28th - January 3rd