Hiroshima Specialties

Miyatoyo Flagship Store (ミヤトヨ本店)

The Miyatoyo Flagship Store is a Momiji Manju shop located on Miyajima, about five minutes from Miyajima Pier. Although it is a small store run by a family, the fluffy sponge cake dough and original bean paste are very famous, and the store has fans all over Japan. At Miyatoyo’s main store, you can enjoy the Momiji Manju in their café space. It is not often that you can taste freshly baked Momiji Manju that have come straight from the oven.

Unlike other Momiji Manju stores, Miyatoyo Honten offers a wide variety of flavors in its sweets. There are more than ten different flavors, including various flavors of red bean paste and versions where the outer sponge cake has a flavor different than the usual castella. There is also a seasonal summer-only version called “Ice Momiji,” where the sponge cake dough is filled with ice cream.


549 Miyajima-cho Kitanomachihama, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
9:00 -17:30
※ Times may vary by season
Never closes