Food Stores

Shima no Eki Mamegashima (島の駅 豆ヶ島)

Shima no Eki Mamegashima, located on the island of Etajima, is a spot where tourists can see a giant, red ogre statue landmark off the side of the road. Inside the store, there are Etajima souvenirs, as well as an abundance of tofu and soy products manufactured in the adjacent Tokunaga Tofu Shop and lined up on the shelves. Other than that, visitors can also eat lots of regional favorites like “soybean udon” and soy milk soft serve ice cream, which is why this store is recommended as a spot where cyclists stop here midway to take a breather.

At Shima no Eki Mamegashima, the beloved Etajima specialty dish “soybean udon,” which uses boiled soybeans among its ingredients, is just the beginning of a long list of Etajima gourmet foods that one can enjoy nowhere else but here. The most popular of those products would have to be the rich soft serve that utilizes soy milk from the adjacent Tokunaga Tofu Shop. Since customers can try spiraling and serving their own ice cream on the cone, the soft serve is a big hit with everyone, from kids to adults.


601-13 Ogaki-cho Hitonose, Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
11:00 - 16:00
Tuesday (in the case where Tuesday is a public holiday, closes the weekday after)