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Ten Best Accommodations in Hiroshima

Ten Best Accommodations in Hiroshima

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William P. White

The following article will attempt to subjectively list a variety of accommodations in the Hiroshima area that I believe are worth taking a look at for a stay.  This is not a complete list by any means, and is strictly compiled from my experiences and feelings about the accommodations that would be worth a look in Hiroshima for people in need of a place to stay while visiting the area.  I am fully aware that some suggestions may not suit the needs or desires of some, but may be the selection of others.  This is just a starting point for people to use as a general guide about the types and locations of accommodations in and around the magical city of Hiroshima and its surrounding areas.


  1. 01. Dormy Inn Hiroshima
  2. 02. Hotel Granvia Hiroshima
  3. 03. Sotetsu Grand Fresa Hiroshima
  4. 04. Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima
  5. 05. ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima
  6. 06. J-Hoppers Guesthouse Hiroshima
  7. 07. Capsule Hotel Cube Hiroshima
  8. 08. Iwaso Ryokan Miyajima
  9. 09. Nest Hotel (Eki Mae) Hiroshima
  10. 10. Sakuraya Ryokan Miyajima
  11. 11. Moment of Joy

I will include accommodations based on price, location, cleanliness, originality, staff, food, amenities, etc.  Each person has a different set of items on their lists of necessary features for a comfortable and pleasant stay while traveling.  There is not a particular order from superior to inferior valued accommodations on this list.  But I would like to start with my personal favorite here, and list the others in no particular order.  All accommodations listed here in this article are a mixed variety of budget inns, Japanese-style inns, capsule/dorm-style locations, high-end hotels, and a blend of Japanese and Western-style accommodations to fit most needs.

Dormy Inn Hiroshima

This is my favorite of all on this list.  In my estimation, this hotel has everything any standard guest would want from value for your money, comfort, cleanliness, variety of facilities, Wi-Fi, good location, polite and friendly staff, etc. The Dormy Inn is a hotel chain located all around Japan (with a few hotels also located in Korea).  I have stayed at Dormy Inns in Sapporo, Shimonoseki, and Hiroshima.  All are similar in what they offer, and the atmosphere, staff, and amenities are simple but offer a refreshing quality that makes you feel very much at home.

Like most standard amenities, they offer clean sheets and towels, flat-screen TV, laundry services for a fee, non-smoking rooms, facilities for diabled persons, private parking, and a very hearty and delicious buffet-style breakfast for a reasonable fee.  

They also offer a good location with only a 2-minute walk from Chuden Tram Station, a 5-minute walk to the Hondori Shopping Center, as well as a 10-minute walk to the Hiroshima Peace Park and Memorial Museum.

What stood out for me were the following services:  

  • Free shuttle service from hotel to Hiroshima Station every morning for your traveling convenience.  Times will need to be confirmed with the front desk.  They do not offer service from Hiroshima Station to the hotel, unfortunately.
  • At least one member of staff who speaks fluent English on duty at all times for 24-hours.
  • Free ramen service in the hotel cafeteria from 9PM to 10:30PM daily. 
  • Free public hot bath located on the roof-top floor with outdoor view available.  This service is so relaxing after a hard day of work or sightseeing.  In my estimation, it cannot be beat!
  • Free ice cream (popsicle-style) available in three flavors located just outside the hot bath for when you are finished to cool off.  There is also a lounge across from the hot bath area that you can relax in after you bathe with a selection of reading materials available (magazines, books, and manga) to enjoy along with your popsicle.

These amenities alone would prompt me to recommend the Dormy Inn to anybody.

But along with these unique additions to the experience, the service, price (currently starting at around 6,000 yen per night for a double room), and comfort were some of the best I have experienced in my travels in Japan.  Per most comments on their website, this hotel has an average rating of around 8.5 out of 10 stars.  They have their own English website at https://www.hotespa.net/dormyinn/english/ and can be seen at many other travel search weblinks such as booking.com, hotels.com, expedia, kayak, etc.  I highly recommend it!!


Hotel Granvia Hiroshima

This hotel has a Michelin 3-Star rating, which is the oldest European hotel and restaurant guide for rating quality and excellence in the fields of travel accommodations and food service.  The highest Michelin rating is currently 3 stars, so The Hotel Granvia Hiroshima is certainly considered as one of the best quality.

Everything about this hotel points towards a high grade experience when staying here.  From the lobby to the fitness center to the 13 restaurants and bars located inside the hotel confines, this hotel exudes class.  The rooms are spacious and comfortable, the breakfast buffet is wonderful, and the staff speak English.   This has everything you need for a great stay, and you really do not need to leave the hotel if you do not want to.  Most everything is available for your comfort within the confines of the hotel.

The two noticeable items for me about this hotel are the following:

  • The location is basically inside of Hiroshima Station.  It is about a 5-minute walk from the Shinkansen exit.
  • There is a Hiroshima City Tourist Bus that stops regularly in front of the hotel that takes you to most sightseeing locations around the city.  The bus is easily recognizable (it is bright red), and you can hop on and off as you wish throughout the day, and the cost per adult is about 400 yen.  This is truly convenient for getting around the area for sightseers!

On various accommodation websites, this hotel is generally rated at 9.5 out of 10.  If you are looking for high quality, comfort, and convenience, this is the place for you.  Prices start around 10,000 and up for a double room, depending on the type of room you choose.  The hotel web link ishttps://www.hgh.co.jp/english/


Sotetsu Grand Fresa Hiroshima

A medium-range priced hotel (about 6,000 yen to start for a double room for a couple) that is located near the Peace Memorial Park and the Motoyasu River with great views from the hotel overlooking the river and park.
It is a 3-minute walk from Chuden-Mae Tram stop to the hotel, and it has a small gift shop in the lobby area. There is a good, tasty breakfast, facilities for those with disabilities, and good Wi-Fi (per guest comments online) on the premises.There is a Japanese-style restaurant as well as an Italian restaurant on the property for your dining pleasure.

The simplicity and location attracted me to this place. If you are looking for a pleasant, reasonably priced and friendly accommodation, I would very much recommend this hotel.
Per customer reviews online, couples particularly like the location — they rated it 8.3 for a two-person trip. Weblink is at https://fresa-inn.jp/en/hiroshima/.

Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima

This hotel is known for its all around high end standards, and is located about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.  Hiroshima Castle is about 5 minutes on foot, and the Hiroshima Museum of Art is only two minutes by walking.  The staff speaks English and the service is of the highest quality.

Amenities that stand out to me are the following:

  • Buffet breakfast on the 33rd floor of the hotel with outstanding views of the city.
  • Room service available.
  • Swimming pool for use for a fee.
  • French, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants available on the property.

This is a place for you if you value comfort and quality at a reasonably moderate price.  Rooms start around 9,500 yen per double occupancy.  Ratings for this hotel were around 9.5 out of 10 for most amenities listed.  Weblink is https://www.rihga.com/hiroshima .  Quality offered for a reasonable price!

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima

Ideally situated in the center of Hiroshima with just a 5-minute walk from Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, this hotel offers a nice, leisurely stay with high standard amenities that will enhance your stay into a most pleasant and comfortable one.  The staff speaks English, the rooms are comfortable with extra long beds in each room, and a simple variety of restaurants with offers of Chinese, Japanese, and French meal choices for the guests.  A very simple but elegant and comfortable quality hotel.

Hotel specific offerings:


  • Aesthetic Salon with facials and massages offered for an extra fee.
  • Swimming pool available for guest use for an additional fee.
  • Currency exchange located at the front desk for travelers to exchange their money into Japanese Yen.

The views from this hotel are some of the most pleasant in the city, and offer a must-see panoramic view of most of the city of Hiroshima.  Its location in the center of the city gives the traveler simple and easy access to most tourist sites by walking.  Prices start around 9,000 yen for double occupancy.  Ratings for this accommodation are around 8.8 overall for most amenities.  

The web link is https://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/hiroshima/hijja/hoteldetail.  This is an excellent location to stay, with superior quality in all forms to stay.

J-Hoppers Guesthouse Hiroshima

This is a budget hotel/hostel for those travelers who are watching the expenditure of their funds.  The location is convenient at a 10-minute walk to the Peace Park and the price is welcome and inviting with prices ranging from 2,200 to 5,500 yen for dormitory-style (with bunk beds) stay to private Japanese-style tatami rooms (with futon beds).  All bathrooms are shared.  Towels are for rent for a minimal fee and coin lockers are available to lock up valuables.

The guesthouse is a 3-minute walk from Dobashi Tram Station and also has bicycle rentals available on the property.  There is a community kitchen for use for all guests with a toaster, rice cooker, utensils, and a microwave.  Thus, encouraging travelers to save money by cooking themselves on the property if they choose to do so.  There is also a TV with international channels available in the lobby, as well as free tea and coffee for guests to partake of when thirsty.  Wi-Fi is readily available in all areas, and there is a rooftop area lounge for guests to relax and congregate if the desire arises.

This is usually what low-budget and backpacking travelers are searching for when they come to Japan.  If you are budget-wise, adventurous, and looking for a good place with a very reasonable price to accommodate you in your Hiroshima visit, this is definitely the place for you!  It has been rated at an average of 9.0 out of 10 from the majority of respondents who stayed here. Weblink is https://hiroshima.j-hoppers.com/.

Capsule Hotel Cube Hiroshima

A stay at a capsule hotel is a unique Japanese accommodation experience that should be experienced at least once by the more adventurous travelers who visit the Land of the Rising Sun.  Hiroshima offers such an experience athe the Capsule Hotel Cube.  

The location is about 1km from Myoei-ji and Chosho-in Temples each with Myoei-ji being a few hundred meters closer to the hotel.  This experience is definitely for the more adventurous-type traveler, who is willing to forgo a bit of comfort and quality for a very basic and fun accommodation experience.

Capsule beds usually cost around 2,000 to 2,200 yen with private, small rooms also available and priced from 3,000 to 3,500 yen.  All facilities are shared such as bathrooms and showers, and there are separate gender areas for men and women for both sleeping and restroom facilities.  A 24-hour front desk person is available with free Wi-Fi also for all guests.

Guests normally rated this property around 9.3 out of 10.  Web link is https://capsule-cube.hotels-hiroshima.com/en/.  If you are looking for an interesting experience at a cut rate price, this could be it!

Iwaso Ryokan Miyajima

This hotel is a Japanese-style inn called a Ryokan, and is located about 30-minutes from Hiroshima by train on the island of Miyajima.

Miyajima Island is a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site that is famous for the Itsukushima Shrine as well as the many deer who roam the island amongst the visitors. Iwaso Ryokan provides private rooms with Japanese tatami-style (straw) floors and futon bedding for guests to use.  All rooms also provide Japanese-style summer kimonos, called yukatas, to wear in and around the inn if you wish.  

The hotel offers a public bath experience with both indoor and outdoor tub areas, where the guests can be surrounded by nature if they wish.  If you have never experienced a ryokan – I highly recommend it!  Taking a public bath in Japan is an art form in and of itself – from washing and scrubbing your body outside the bath to entering the various baths at different temperatures to soothe and relax your body, all while being surrounded by the sights and sounds of Japan.  Nothing beats the feeling of exiting the bath and having a cold drink (beer, soft drink, etc.) – in my humble opinion.

A traditional multi-course Japanese dinner is served in your room at a time you pick by a kimono-clad server.  This usually consists of up to 30 types of small foods served on trays placed in front of you at the dining table in your room.  If you enjoy food, then truly this may be a culinary joy for you.  Breakfast the next morning is served at the hotel community dining area.  This is normally a Japanese style breakfast of fish, rice, and miso soup, but western style breakfast is also available.

Iwaso Inn is located a 5-minute walk from the Itsukushima Shrine and 10 minutes from the Miyajima Aquarium.  Guests have rated this lodging at 9.7 out of 10.  Prices begin for double occupancy at around 22,000 yen per person or 45,000 yen per couple all inclusive.  Weblink is http://www.iwaso.com/english/.  If you are not on a budget, then I highly recommend a stay here (or any ryokan for that matter).  It is definitely worth it!

Nest Hotel (Eki Mae) Hiroshima

Basically, this is a budget-style hotel right next to Hiroshima Station (a 5-minute walk). 

It is clean, comfortable, and quiet.  There are several shops and restaurants nearby, and also easy access to the Hiroshima Tram System that can move you around and about the city by electric street trolley.

The hotel has the normal, basic amenities of most hotels, with reliable, free Wi-Fi and very simple but comfortable rooms.  This accommodation is good for its location and price (starting at around 6,000 yen).  Ratings for this hotel were around 8.4 out of 10.  Weblink is https://www.nesthotel.co.jp/hiroshima-station/en/.  If you need a simple yet comfortable place to stay near the train station, I would recommend this place.  


Sakuraya Ryokan Miyajima

A Japanese-style inn that offers mountain and ocean views along with a traditional hot bath, and rooms with futon-style bedding.  There are no dinner meals served here, but a western style breakfast is available in the mornings if desired.  It is a 3-minute walk from the Miyajima Ferry Terminal.  The rooms have a private toilet, but the bath facilities are hot spring-style and are shared by all guests from 3PM to 11PM daily.  Famous, fresh Hiroshima area oysters are served at the on-site restaurant.  The Miyajima Ropeway is a 15-minute walk from the hotel, and the Itsukushima Shrine is 10 minutes away. 

English is spoken here.  There are two types of rooms:  mountain view starting at 6,700 yen per person, and ocean view at 16,400 yen per person.  Guests rated this hotel at about 9.7 out of 10.  Web link is https://www.gambo-ad.com/english/hotel/?ar=1&id=68.  If the ryokan experience, minus the dinner meal, is in your interest, maybe you should give this place a try.

Moment of Joy

For me, by far and away my moment of joy came upon learning that the Dormy Inn provided a rooftop hot spring included.  After a long day, nothing beats a hot bath in my opinion!  It was clean, comfortable and relaxing all in one.  Everytime I experience a hot spring in Japan, I get a twinge of excitement, mixed with pleasure.  This is one of the best experiences in Japan in my opinion, and including it in my hotel stay experience most definitely brought me great comfort and JOY!

Overall, this list above attempts to offer a variety of accommodations in Hiroshima based on things such as price, style, location, etc.  Invariably,  we each have our own prerogatives and will thus choose where to stay if we find a place that suits most of them.  I hope that my list gives you a starting point of where to stay in Hiroshima, should you or family members find a need to do so.  Please enjoy!