mugimugi CAFE

mugimugi cafe” is a cafe in Miyoshi City. It is a popular cafe where you can enjoy bread and lunch in a renovated old house near the red Tomoe Bridge, which is a symbol of Miyoshi. The bread sold at mugimugi cafe is all from the bakery “Mugimugi” in Miyoshi City. If you are lucky, you may be able to find a bread made in collaboration with the Miyoshi Mononoke Museum, which is located not far from the cafe.

The charm of mugimugi cafe is the freshly made bread made with natural yeast and organic vegetables, etc. As the name suggests, the wheat used for the bread is from Miyoshi City’s Miyasaka area, and all the vegetables used for sandwiches and salads are from Miyoshi. The vegetables used in sandwiches and salads are all from Miyoshi. In addition, the store has a lot of miscellaneous goods that you may want to give as gifts to your friends, such as picture books for children and cutlery with a natural taste.


1545 Miyoshi-cho, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 728-0021