Zakka Kikkawa is a general store located on Hon-dori in Miyoshi City. The interior of the store is handmade by the owner from scratch, and the store is always crowded with customers who come to see the retro and simple stationery, tableware, and other sundries that reflect the personality of the stylish owner. The shop is always crowded with customers, and the owner’s hand-made map of Miyoshi Town is also popular, as it provides information on many hidden stores that even the locals don’t know about.

The attraction of “Zakka kikkawa” is the variety of goods selected from all over the world. Simple tableware, natural-colored clothes, and other genderless items with the owner’s sense of style arrive almost every week. The owner, who loves greenery, is also popular with people of all ages for the plants she procures, such as preserved flowers that allow you to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers for longer, and imitation flowers that look just like fresh flowers.


1534-4 Miyoshi-cho, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Wednesday (In the case that
Wednesday is a public holiday, we
will close the next day)