Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery

Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery is located in Miyoshi City and is one of the leading wineries in Hiroshima. The winery has won awards in various domestic and international wine competitions, and is a popular and talented winery. The winery has many facilities where you can learn more about Miyoshi and its wines, such as the factory where the wine is made, the wine cellar, the farm where the grapes are grown, the wine museum where you can taste and buy the products, and the restaurant.

At the Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery, you can learn about the wine production process at the winery and storage room, enjoy sumptuous food that goes well with Miyoshi wine at the restaurant, and actually taste and purchase Miyoshi wine brands at the wine store. There are six kinds of wine, one kind of liqueur, and one kind of soft drink available for free tasting. You can also drink a variety of wines by the glass at “Cave a vins,” a wine bar equipped with one of the largest wine cellars in western Japan and staffed by a wine concierge.


10445-3, Higashizakaya-cho, Miyoshi, Hiroshima, Japan
Cafe Vine 8:00am-5:00pm
Wine shop 9:30am-6:00pm
Barbecue garden 11:00am-6:00pm
Every 2nd Wednesday in
Dec 29th - Jan 1st