Irori Sanzoku Kuga (いろり山賊 玖珂)

Irori Sanzoku Kuga is a Japanese restaurant located about a 9-minute walk from Kinmeiji Station on the JR Gantoku Line. There are three eateries (Irori Sanzoku, Kamado, and Tori-an) on the vast premises, and the three restaurants are surrounded by gorgeous festive decorations. The concept of the restaurant is “mountain bandit,” which is also the name of the restaurant. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes such as wild teriyaki chicken right off the bone as if eaten by bandits and giant rice balls as big as your face!

One of the most attractive features of Irori Sanzoku Restaurant is the lively atmosphere of the restaurant, which looks like a bandit camp. The store’s premises are decorated like a theme park, with seasonal decorations and huge lanterns. As you go deeper into the facility, you can see a river flowing by and a small shrine, creating an atmosphere like that of an anime. The most popular item on the menu at Irori Sanzoku Kuga is the slow-roasted chicken with sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce, which you can enjoy as if you were a bandit.


1380-1 Kuga-machi Noguchi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, JAPAN
10:00am - Midnight (last order 11:00pm)
[Irori Bandit] Tuesday, Dec. 30th Dec 31st
[Kama] Wednesday, Dec 30th Dec 31st
[Momori-an] Thursday, Dec 30th Dec 31st