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Tadanoumi Station (忠海駅)

Tadanoumi Station is a humble station right by Tadanoumi Port, which is most tourists’ first stop on their journey to Okunoshima, the infamous “Rabbit Island” off the coast of Takehara. As such, the station sign also features a rabbit mascot to remind tourists to disembark here if they wish to see the bunnies. Its location also makes it easy to squeeze a quick visit to either Takehara Preserved Historic District or Mihara Castle in the same day as well.

A great number of JR trains pass by Tadanoumi Station every day, but the best one to ride here from Hiroshima Station is without a doubt the etSETOra. Equipped with comfy seats facing the sparkling Seto Inland Sea, the special scenic train is the perfect way to get yourself and your kids hyped up for an outing on Okunoshima. Several yummy regional snacks and drinks are available on board, so be sure to reserve seats for the etSETOra if possible.


1-1-1 Tadanoumi Nakamachi, Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Open 24/7
Never closes