Garden Lodging Sekitei (庭園の宿 石亭)

Garden Lodging Sekitei is a ryokan located in a corner of Miyahama Onsen, a small hot spring town on the opposite shore of Miyajima. From the guest rooms of the traditional Japanese buildings, one can see impressive Japanese garden that is lauded by gardening specialists worldwide, as well as take part in luxurious experiences that give one a feeling that is “so Japanese.” Inside the ryokan, other than the guest rooms and hot springs, there are various facilities such as the open café where guests can indulge in beverages like matcha and wine, and thereby enjoy a moment of extravagance during their stay.

The appeal of Garden Lodging Sekitei is being able to feel Japan through all five senses via the magnificent views and hot springs. All twelve rooms in the ryokan are lined up to surround the Japanese garden in the center so that guests staying in any room can have a glimpse of both the wabisabi-infused garden and the calm Seto Inland Sea. The hot spring draws natural spring water from neighboring Mt. Kyogoya, and because every guest room has its own bathing space, every guest can enjoy a private bathing atmosphere without regard to one’s surroundings.


3-5-27 Miyahama Onsen, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Open 24/7
Never closes