Daishoin (大聖院)

Miyajima has long been known and worshiped as the “Island of the Gods,” and there are many Buddhist temples all across the island. One of the most popular spots is Daishoin. Daishoin is believed to have been built in 806 by the famous monk Kobo Daishi and is the oldest temple on Miyajima. In recent years, Daishoin has become a popular spot for many tourists from Japan and abroad to visit as a power spot for wishes to come true.

Activities include:
Zazen (meditation), Sutra
copying, Buddha tracing,
Making “nenju (prayer bead bracelets),”
Buddhist cuisine, etc.
(Reservation required)

Daishoin, a famous Power Spot, is home to many Buddha and Kannon statues. Among them, the most recommended are the Ichigan Taishi and the Chokugandou. Ichigan Taishi is a Jizo statue that will grant you only one wish. Many people’s wishes come true, such as being accepted to a university or having a child who could not speak become able to speak. The Chokugandou is a building facing the temple square, and inside are 1,100 Acalanātha statues. There are other spots at Daishoin Temple that are said to grant various wishes, such as Yakushi Nyorai (healing of illness) and Kodomo Daishi (growth of children).


210 Miyajima-cho Takimachi, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
8:00 - 17:00
Never closes