Umi no Ajito Sunoura Stone Field (海のアジト須ノ浦ストーンフィールド)

Umi no Ajito Sunoura Stone Field is an active tourist spot located along Kure City’s coast. It has a café, lodging facilities, camping sites, barbecue sites, other leisure facilities, and a beach house open during the summer swimming season. By taking advantage of its location along the coast, you can also experience marine sports such as scuba diving. There is also a dog park where you can exercise your pup to your heart’s content on the sandy beach along the coast. The location is a trendy spot for dog lovers.

At Umi no Ajito Sunoura Stone Field, you can experience various outdoor activities while surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea’s beautiful scenery. In addition to stand-up paddleboarding (which has gained worldwide popularity in recent years), you can also enjoy scuba diving and cruising on a rental boat. You can also use their custom baths made of cypress and enjoy a spectacular view of the Seto Inland Sea from each tub.


4320-1 Kurahashi-cho Sunoura, Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
10:00 - 9:00 the next day (campsite)
Irregular closures