Hot Kamo (ホットカモ)

Hot Kamo is a hot spring facility located about 10 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Saijo Station. There are 11 different types of hot springs to choose from, including an open-air bath where you can soak in the hot spring while looking out at the blue sky, and a tatashiyu bath where you can relax your body. In the refreshment room, you can enjoy body care and foot massages that will warm your body and soul.

[Admission Fee)
Admission includes: Bath, sauna,
outside baths. ※ (Towels sold
separately) – ¥100
Adult – ¥700
Elementary School student – ¥300
Preschooler (2+ years) – ¥200
※ If you have a tattoo, please
cover it with skin-colored tape
before entering the bath.
If you wish to use your student discount, please present your passport or school ID at reception beforeentering the bath.

One of the most attractive features of Hot Kamo is the wide variety of hot springs, with more than ten different types. You can enjoy the tingling and pleasant electrical stimulation of the “Electric Bath” and the “Hydro Maze Bath” that massages your whole body with strong jets of water. There is also a sauna, an indispensable part of a hot spring. There is a far-infrared sauna that activates the body’s metabolism and a salt sauna that improves blood circulation. There is also a bowling alley, Kamo Bowl, attached to the spa.


6179-1 Saijo-cho Misono, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Bathing Facilities: 8:00 - 22:00 Sunday - Thursday and public holidays, 8:00 - 24:00 Friday - Saturday and eves of public holidays (admission ends 30 minutes before closing)
Relaxation (Massage) Area: 11:00 - 23:30 Sunday - Thursday and public holidays, 11:00 - 21:30 Friday - Saturday and eves of public holidays (admission ends 30 minutes before closing)
Body Scrubbing: 10:30 - 21:30 (admission ends 30 minutes before closing)
Never closes