Shirasuya E’s (シラスヤ イーズ)

Shirasuya E’s is a seafood restaurant located in a residential area in the vicinity of a port town on Etajima. Staying true to its motto of “delivering the good stuff of Etajima,” this place serves up fare that is essentially an exhaustive list of Etajima gourmet foods, like aged beef, Etajima oysters, and sardines fished right out of Etajima waters. The inside of the restaurant is fully equipped with a ginormous monitor fit for watching baseball matches and a dedicated karaoke room where guests can enjoy singing their hearts out, so Shirasuya E’s has become a popular place among the local residents.

Diners at Shirasuya E’s can enjoy Etajima’s renowned seafood such as sardines and oysters. The most famous item on the menu would have to be the oyster curry, which includes a generous helping of large oysters on top. This specialty curry topped with special Etajima oysters is a secret recipe that has spread to the JMSDF sailors and target vessel mechanics working in the waters nearby Etajima. Besides that, the restaurant also dishes out lots of items that go well with alcoholic beverages, like Chinese yam karaage and roast beef tongue.


4941-1 Nomi-cho Nakamachi, Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
18:00 - 24:00 (Monday, Wednesday - Friday)
12:00 - 24:00 (Saturday - Sunday)
Tuesday, the first Monday of every month