Toyohira Donguri Village (豊平どんぐり村)

Toyohira Donguri Village is a rural escapade for locals who yearn for the ways of old and need a break from their urban, everyday lives. The site is composed of four sections: Toyohira General Athletic Park, Donguri-sho (Acorn Villa), Sansan Market, and Musashi (a restaurant specializing in rice balls). Toyohira General Athletic Park sports wide-open grounds for playing sports, a fitness center, and lots of sports equipment available for rental. The Acorn Villa features a hot spring, a vegetable garden, a soba noodle-manufacturing workshop, and more. Sansan Market is chock full of plants for sale, and also has a café in which customers can sit down with a drink or some soft serve ice cream.

Kids (as well as grown-ups) can try their hand at plucking vegetables, making their own soba noodles, or scooping medaka (tiny, large-eyed fish) to take home as a pet. After taking part in an education experience or simply running around outdoors, families can refuel with succulent rice balls from Musashi or rich ice cream at Sansan Market. Even visitors who are not intent on spending lots of money will find entertainment in the vast array of flora on display or people-watching at any of the facilities on the village grounds.


12609 Tsushimi, Kitahiroshima Town, Yamagata District, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
March - November: 11:00 - 15:00 (10:00 - 16:00 on Sundays and public holidays between July 20th and August 31st)
December - February: 11:00 - 14:00
Wednesdays (depending on the situation with reservations, days off are subject to change)