Kure Portopia Park (呉ポートピアパーク)

Kure Portopia Park is a large park directly connected to Kure Portopia Station on the JR line. The park is dotted with various spots such as Jabujabu Pond, a children’s swimming pool, and Tenno Park with its obstacle courses. A flea market is also held here on some days, making it a place of relaxation for the locals.

Kure Portopia Park’s most remarkable feature lies in the park’s various facilities that both children and adults can enjoy. Children’s bicycles and helmets are also available for rent, allowing everyone to ride around the spacious park. When you get tired of recreation in the park, the locally owned and operated restaurant, Otome Tsubaki, is the place to go. The navy curry and other menu items are very well known.


3-2-3, Tenno-Ohama, Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
9:00 - 21:00
Until 17:00 during the New Year holidays
Dec 29th - Jan 1st
Every Wednesday
※ Public holidays, Mar 26th -
Apr 5th, Jul 21st - Aug 31st,
Dec 24th - Dec 28th, we are
open on the Wednesday
between Jan 2nd - Jan 6th