Iwakuni White Snake Museum (岩国シロヘビの館)

The Iwakuni White Snake Museum is a facility that cares for and showcases the white snakes that have acted as messengers of the gods and safeguarded the people of Iwakuni since time immemorial and have been designated as a National Natural Monument. It’s situated close to the Kintai Bridge, so it has become a popular tourist spot where lots of tourists explore both locales as a set. Inside the museum, visitors can look at the white snakes being kept and have fun learning about the species from the interactive displays that explain the snakes’ biology.

At the Iwakuni White Snake Museum, one can observe the cream-colored, red-eyed serpents in close proximity. The cases lined up inside the building emulates the natural environment of the white snakes so that visitors can see them in their natural state in the wild. On top of that, within the museum is a life-sized diorama that recreates a scene where an Edo-period samurai discovers a white snake, and tourists can have their picture taken with the both of them.


2-6-52 Yokoyama, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, JAPAN
9:00 -17:00
Occasional closures for safety inspections and maintenance