Otomachi Kanran (おとまち甘藍)

Otomachi Kanran is a guesthouse in the heart of Kure City. They have a variety of rooms ranging from mixed dormitories where different groups sleep together to women-only dorms, Western-style (wooden floorboard) and Japanese-style (tatami mat) rooms, and all of them are available for a comparatively low price. There is also a bar operating at night, where one can enjoy authentic “spice curry” among other delicacies. Also, because there is a space to park bicycles at the entrance (advance reservations required), guests can also sleep soundly with their bikes in tow.

The roots of the Kure-based guesthouse Otomachi Kanran stem from an inn that was in business for over eighty years. The old building that was once used as a lowly lodging geared toward students was refurbished and transformed into a guesthouse where backpackers from all over the world gather. Because of this, traces of the former inn as it used to be remain inside the guesthouse, creating the sensation of a timeslip for staying guests. On top of that, guests can also interact with the cats being cared for by the guesthouse staff.


1-11-27 Hiro Honmachi, Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Open 24/7
Never closes