Hot Springs

Kimita Onsen Mori no Izumi (君田温泉森の泉)

Kimita Onsen Mori no Izumi is a hot spring facility located in Kimita Town, deep in the mountains of Miyoshi City. You can take a bath in the natural hot spring, which has been loved by the local people since ancient times, or stay in the cottage attached to the hot spring. Inside the facility, there is a market selling local products of Kimita Town where you can buy souvenirs. There is also a shuttle bus that runs between the facility and JR Miyoshi Station, making it easy to get there even without a rental car.

(Admission Fee)
Junior High School student and above – ¥700
Elementary School student and below – ¥350
3 years or less – Free
※ Face towel, bath towel – Sold separately
※ If you are a student, please
present your passport or
school ID at reception before
entering the bath.
※ If you have a tattoo, please
cover it with skin-colored tape
before entering the bath.

The most attractive feature of Kimita Onsen Mori no Izumi is its natural hot spring, which has been protected by the people of Kimita since ancient times. Kimita Onsen has been famous since ancient times as a hot spring for curing illnesses by soaking in hot spring water, as its light and refreshing water warms the body to the core. Nowadays, it has become a popular hot spring facility for many tourists to enjoy a one-day trip, complete with lunch and a relaxing nature walk.


311-3 Kimita-cho Izumiyoshida, Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Tel: 0824-53-7021
Fax: 0824-53-2119
10:30 - 20:00 (admission ends at 19:00)
Every 3rd Tuesday between January - July, September - November
Every 4th Tuesday in August and December
(in the case that one of these days
falls on a pubic holiday, closes the weekday after)
※ We may temporarily close on other days