Historic Sites

Kyukamura Okunoshima (休暇村大久野島)

Kyukamura Okunoshima is a well-renowned island resort on Okunoshima that attracts tourists from all over Japan. Here, visitors can stay the night and see the native rabbit population during hours day trippers cannot. In addition, Kyukamura Okunoshima offers hot springs, luxurious dining options, a bicycle rental service, camp sites, a private beach and outdoor pool (open in the summer), as well as tennis courts for a complete vacation experience. Even those who do not overnight on Okunoshima can make use of the restaurant and bathing facilities in between rabbit-watching and circumnavigating the island.

Simply seeing Okunoshima for an afternoon is doable, but an overnight trip to the island would enhance the memories severalfold. Those wishing to catch the last ferry back to the mainland may feel in a bit of a rush, but with a place to spend the night, tourists are able to explore at their own pace. Add on exquisite fare for dinner and breakfast, additional leisure options, and more time to bond with the bunnies, and your trip to Okunoshima will be unmatched!


5476-4 Tadanoumi-cho, Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Open 24/7
Never closes