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Dassai Store Head Brewery (獺祭ストア 本社蔵)

The Dassai Store Head Brewery is a store directly operated by Asahi Shuzo that manufactures “Dassai,” the most famous brand of Japanese sake in the world. Inside the modernized Japanese-style building that was refurbished from a century-old residence, Dassai products line the shelves. Besides sake, customers can also purchase sweets and cosmetic products made from sake lees that form during the brewing process, so those who cannot hold their liquor or are underage can still can a good time here.

The great thing about the Dassai Head Brewery is the wide range of products available since the store is directly managed by the company. One popular product is the “Dassai Unfiltered Funabakumi,” available only in the spring and autumn in limited quantities. It is an extravagant Dassai in which one taste the rich, fresh flavor of sake extracted directly from the vat. Since some varieties of sake can also be tasted (for a fee), shoppers are free to compare the scents and flavors of different kinds before choosing a bottle.


2128 Shutomachi Osogoe, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, JAPAN
9:00 - 17:00
Never closes