Sera Mukai Orchard (世羅向井農園)

Sera Mukai Orchard is a tourist farm in Sera Town. It is one of the few farms in Hiroshima where you can pick apples, grapes, and La France pears. You can enjoy apple-picking from late August to mid-November, grape-picking from late August to mid-October, and La France pear-picking during October. You can also buy homemade jams and other souvenirs at the farm.

(Apple-picking) Late August – Mid-November
(Grape-picking) Late August – Mid-October
(Pear-picking) Early October – Late October

At Sera Mukai Farm, you can enjoy picking fruits of Japanese varieties that are rare in the West. The farm cultivates six varieties of apples like the Tsugaru, and several cultivars of grapes, including the Pione, a specialty of Miyoshi City in Hiroshima Prefecture. The farm also produces varieties of pears and apples, such as La France and Fuji, respectively, which are well known in the West. All of the fruits produced at the farm are “low in agricultural chemicals and herbicide-free,” so you can eat them with peace of mind.


417-6 Yasuda, Sera Town, Sera District, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
8:30 - 17:30 (Open until 17:00 in winter)
Late November to Mid-August, when the fruits are not in season