Onomichi Kakien (尾道柿園)

The Onomichi Persimmon Studio is located in the Onomichi Persimmon Garden, about a 7-minute drive from the Onomichi Kita Interchange on the expressway. The Suga area in Onomichi City’s Mitsugi-cho, where the Onomichi Persimmon Garden is located, has been one of the most prosperous persimmon production areas in Japan since the early 17th century, and is famous as a “persimmon village” with persimmon trees growing everywhere. At the Onomichi Persimmon Dyeing Studio, you can try your hand at dyeing with persimmon tannin and making a stone oven pizza with dried persimmon fruit.

At the Onomichi Persimmon Shibu Studio, visitors can try their hand at dyeing using persimmon tannin, a natural dye extracted from persimmons. It is said that persimmon tannin has antibacterial and insecticidal effects, and the more you use cloth and leather dyed with persimmon tannin, the darker the color becomes. You can also enjoy the experience of making pizza in a stone oven using additive-free dried fruits made from high-quality persimmons produced in Onomichi City’s Gosho Town. The dried fruits can also be purchased as souvenirs.


2030 Mitsugi-cho Suga, Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
10:00 - 17:00
Never closes