Kinoshita Farm Grape Vineyard (木下ファームブドウ園)

Just a quick drive away from Hiroshima Airport is the Kinoshita Farm Grape Vineyard, where tourists can enjoy grape- and muscat-picking. It is about 1.5 hectares and is home to eight cultivars of Mihara’s specialty grape or muscat, altogether numbering around 1,400 trees, from which visitors are free to pick at their own leisure. Grapes picked on the farm cost ¥1,400 per kilogram (Shine Muscats are ¥1,800 per kilogram), so be sure to buy some as a souvenir to bring home or eat inside your hotel room.

On the Kinoshita Farm grounds, tourists can pick eight different kinds of grape or muscat exclusive to Japan–such as Shine Muscats or Pione Grapes–that are well-known as high-class fruits. There are also free samples for every cultivar so grape pickers can find the one they believe tastes best before setting out to nab only those grapes or muscats. On top of that, the cultivars in season change regularly from late August to early October, which means one could be enjoying a different type of grape with each visit during the above period.


74-19 Daiwa-cho Ogusa, Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
9:00 - 16:00
Mid-October - Mid-August