Miyajima Big Rice Scoop (大杓子)

The Miyajima Big Rice Scoop is the largest rice scoop in the world, measuring 7.7 meters long, 2.7 meters wide, and weighing 2.5 tons. A rice scoop is a type of cutlery used to scoop rice into a bowl, and Miyajima is known as the birthplace of this popular souvenir. The Big Rice Scoop took about two years and ten months to make, and has long been a popular symbol of the Omotesando shopping street on Miyajima. It used to be located on Miyajima, but is now on display at the etto Miyajima Exchange Center, where it continues to attract many tourists.

The Miyajima Big Rice Scoop is on display on the first floor of the “etto Miyajima Exchange Center,” a new tourist information facility that opened in April 2021. Inside the museum, visitors are not allowed to touch the ladle, but are free to take photos of it. The ladle is about 2.7 meters wide, much taller than an adult, so it is popular for people to takes pictures with it. side-by-side. Also, at the Omotesando shopping street on Miyajima, many human-sized rice scoops are available for sale and are popular as souvenirs.


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