Imose Falls (妹背の滝)

Imose Falls is located on the compounds of Oto Shrine in the Ono District in Hatsukaichi City, not far from Miyajima. Nicknamed the “Married Couple Waterfall,” it actually consists of two waterfalls: a powerful male waterfall with a wide width and a drop of about 30 meters, and a beautiful, thin female waterfall with a powerful drop of about 50 meters. The nickname is derived from the way the two waterfalls with different characteristics flow and overlap. The waterfall is also known as a place where beautiful autumn leaves can be seen, and many photographers come here in autumn to take pictures.

In most cases, the area around the waterfall basin is off-limits for safety reasons, but in the case of the Imose Falls, you can actually go right up to the basin where the waterfalls flow down. The basin of the waterfall is like a very shallow river, so even children can enjoy it safely. In the summer, it is common to see local children wearing swimsuits and playing there. Recently, many tourists have also been visiting the waterfall to refresh themselves with the soothing sound and the splashing of water.


Ono Takinoshita, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Open 24/7
Nature never closes!