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Atomic-bombed Phoenix Tree (被爆したアオギリ)

The “Atomic-bombed Phoenix tree” is an old Phoenix tree in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park that survived the atomic bombing of August 6, 1945. The tree was located about 1.3km from the center of the explosion and therefore received serious damage, such as the trunk being severely burned. However, the following year of the bombing the tree sprouted again and grew new lush green leaves, which is why it has become a popular symbol of Hiroshima’s recovery.

This Phoenix tree has been cheering up the people of Hiroshima since immediately after the atomic bombing, and has been a source of emotional support for the city’s recovery. Today, more than 70 years after the atomic bombing, the A-bombed Phoenix tree still looks as strong and lush as it did before the bombing. Today, the second-generation Phoenix tree, which was born from a seed obtained from the original tree is loved as a symbol of peace in Japan and other countries around the world.


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