Setoda Sunset Beach (瀬戸田サンセットビーチ)

Setoda Sunset Beach is a swimming beach on the island of Ikuchijima, off the coast of Onomichi. Not only can you enjoy swimming in the sea, but you can also experience the recently popular marine activities of sea kayaking and SUP, or have a barbecue at the campground. You can also rent bicycles to ride along the Shimanami Kaido starting from the beach.

Setoda Sunset Beach is characterized by its vast white sand beach that stretches over 800 meters long. With this beach and the ocean in the background, you can enjoy activities such as sea kayaking and camping. Also, as the name of the beach suggests, the sun setting over the horizon seen from the beach is reputed to be extremely beautiful. In recent years, the beach has become a popular destination not only for tourists looking for activities, but also for tourists who want to take pictures of the beautiful sunset.


6-15 Setoda-cho Tarumi, Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
9:00 - 17:00 ※ The beach hours will be extended between the period of early July - late August.
December 29th - January 3rd