Iwase Firm Somelabo (岩瀬商店 ソメラボ)

Somelabo (which literally means “dye laboratory”) is a dyeing studio in Fukuyama City. You can try tie-dyeing, which involves binding fabric with elastic and dyeing it, or indigo dyeing, which uses natural indigo (limited time only). The clothing that can be dyed include gauze masks, styli, T-shirts, and sneakers. The price of the items to be dyed is included in the price of the dyeing experience, so you can go there empty-handed and enjoy the dyeing experience.

Workshop Fee: ¥2,000 plus tax

Duration: about 60-90 minutes

At Somelabo, you can dye a variety of cloth products other than T-shirts and handkerchiefs, which are standard dyeing items. The main attraction of the shop is that it uses dyes that are suitable for each fabric product, so no matter which item you choose, the result will be beautiful. On the sales floor, original products such as dye sets and colorful accessories dyed by professionals are also available for purchase.


2-6 Ebisu-cho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Tel: 084-923-0656
Fax: 084-923-7601
10:00 - 17:00 ※ Reservations required
Irregular closures