Sumida Bakery (住田製パン所)

Sumida Bakery is a long-established bakery on Mukojima that was established in 1916, selling everything from standard breads such as sliced bread loaves and rolls to sweet breads such as melon bread, anpan, and rusk. The bakery is popular not only among locals but also among cyclists who ride the Shimanami Kaido as a place to take away a light meal. After 17:00, almost all items become ¥65!

The charm of Sumida Baking Factory is the unchanging taste of its breads made from recipes that have been handed down for over 100 years since its establishment. The bread, in particular, is made with only flour, milk, sugar, shortening, baker’s yeast, and salt, and no additives are used. The most popular product is “Nejipan,” which is twisted bread covered with sugar. The simple sweetness of the sugar is addictive, and it is recommended for eating on the go.


24-1 Mukaishima-cho, Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Tel: 0848-44-0628
Fax: 0848-20-6020
6:00 - 19:30
Never closes