Choshuya Kintai Bridge Store (長州屋 錦帯橋店)

Choshuya Kintaikyo Store is a restaurant located a few paces away from the Kintai Bridge and Kikko Park that specializes in regional cuisine. Diners can partake in a variety of Yamaguchi gourmet dishes, from Iwakuni sushi and kawarasoba (soba noodles grilled on a roof tile) that are representative of Yamaguchi to a selection of foods that utilize the pufferfish, itself a renowned product of Yamaguchi Prefecture. The food ticket vending machine also operates in multiple languages like English, so those who cannot read Japanese can rest easy when selecting their desired meal.


Choshuya’s menu sports endless traditional fare like kawarasoba (roof tile soba), Iwakuni sushi, soba and udon, but the number one item would have to be the kawarasoba. As its name suggests, the soba noodles are served on a roof tile used in traditional Japanese houses, then topped with dried seaweed and lemon, the resulting dish a prime example of Yamaguchi regional cooking. The kawarasoba is made with a special green “chasoba” noodle that has green tea powder mixed into the buckwheat flour, and the hint of matcha fragrance one can enjoy when putting the noodles into one’s mouth is a special property of chasoba.



2-2-3 Yokoyama, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, JAPAN
11:00 - 15:00
Never closes