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Shareo (シャレオ)

Shareo is an underground passageway in the heart of Hiroshima City. Its layout forms a cross, stretching horizontally from Hatchobori to the Atomic Bomb Dome, and vertically from Hondori to Kencho-mae, and is a host to a diverse array of stores, including brand-name shops, cafés, and relaxation salons. It’s also connected directly to the first basement floor of the Sogo department store, and with approximately 40 exits dotted throughout and leading to all corners of the city center, Shareo proves to be a convenient thoroughfare for those touring downtown Hiroshima.

The appeal of Shareo lies in fact that shoppers can enjoy world-famous brands like Starbucks alongside region-exclusive stores that have their roots in Hiroshima, all on the same floor. As the underground passageway is compact, visitors can get a quick retail fix in between bursts of sightseeing. In addition, in the central hub of the cross-shaped mall is a plaza where different events attended by tons of people take place on a seemingly daily basis, which include flea markets selling specialty products of Hiroshima, craft markets selling handmade trinkets, and shows where locals sing, dance, and show off their sense of fashion.


11 Motomachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Varies by store
Varies by store