Hiroshima Gyoza Hiroshima Station ekie Store (ひろしまギョウザ広島駅エキエ店)

The Hiroshima Gyoza Hiroshima Station ekie Store is a gyoza (pan-fried dumpling) bar managed by Gyozaya Ryu, a gyoza specialty chain store that represents Hiroshima. Because it is located inside the ekie complex attached to Hiroshima Station, it’s easily accessible by tourists to Hiroshima or those about to leave Hiroshima Prefecture. The interior is completely furnished with counter seating and standing tables, all of which are a great fit for a post-dinner round of drinks. Thanks to it being directly connected to the JR lines and being open late, it’s a popular establishment crowded with folks enjoying beer and gyoza on the weekend.

The most appealing part of the Hiroshima Gyoza Hiroshima Station ekie Store is that the gyoza can easily be enjoyed, with a single plate being reasonably priced at ¥500, more or less. One of the more popular items among them include a sampler platter of gyoza that contain Hiroshima specialties like oysters, lemon, and “Hiroshima-na,” a local leafy vegetable. Besides that, the crimson red Carp Gyoza officially endorsed by the Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team is another go-to choice. Additionally, since all the gyoza in the restaurant can be ordered to go, one can partake in these delicacies in the comfort of one’s hotel room.


2-1 Matsubara-cho, Minami Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
11:00 - 22:30 (last order at 22:00)
Irregular closures