Mitsujo Kofun (三ッ城古墳)

The Mitsujo Kofun are the ruins of a cluster of kofun (keyhole-shaped tombs) located in the Saijo area of Higashihiroshima City. This cluster of kofun is rife with historical value and recognized as a National Historical Landmark, as well as a source of pride for being largest concentration of kofun in Hiroshima Prefecture, where three such keyhole-shaped tombs are huddled together. Within the confines of the Higashihiroshima Municipal Library adjacent to the tombs, one can take a gander at artifacts unearthed on site and documents relating to the Mitsujo Kofun. Furthermore, not only is it a mere 15 minutes by bus to the site, but there are also many restaurants in the area serving up cuisines including traditional Japanese fare, which leads to many tourists visiting the Mitsujo Kofun.

At the Mitsujo Kofun, one can start by seeing the largest keyhole-shaped mound in the prefecture, which is an astounding 100 meters long and 15 meters high. As if the colossal size of the mound wasn’t amazing enough, the corpse interred within has yet to be identified in the 21st century and remains a mystery. The surrounding area currently functions as a park, and it is possible to climb to the top of the mound. On top of that, in the autumn, the vicinity of the mound is lit up by some 3,000 candles in an annual event that draws throngs of viewers each year.


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