Subaru Coffee Shop Kure Flagship Store (昴珈琲店 呉本店)

Subaru Coffee Shop Kure is one of the few coffee shops in Japan that is certified by the Brazilian Santos Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a coffee connoisseur. The coffee is roasted in the shop’s own roasting machine and is available for takeout. The store is lined with coffee beans sold by weight and more than 40 types of fresh bags. Among the lineup are many coffees that can only be found at Subaru Coffee Shop, such as the “Navy’s Coffee,” which faithfully reproduces the aroma and taste of coffee that was drunk on the battleship Yamato.

At Subaru Coffee Shop’s Kure main store, you can enjoy takeout coffee made from aromatic coffee beans roasted in-house. The brand of coffee changes every day, and a cup that matches the season and weather of the day is offered. In addition to hot coffee, the take-out menu offers a wide variety of iced coffee, café au lait, and café au lait jellies. If you find a brand of coffee you like, you can actually buy the coffee beans in the store.


2-5-3 Nakadori, Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
Tel: 0120-02-7730
Fax: 0120-07-9051
9:00 - 17:00