Nakajima Shoten

Nakajima Shoten, located in Fukuyama City, is the only sugar specialty store in Fukuyama. While wholesaling sugar and other seasonings to local patisseries and restaurants, they also sell a famous candy named “Hommei-dama”. Hommei-dama is a candy made from sake lees and Hommei-shu, a specialty of Tomonoura in Fukuyama, and the essence of Hommei-shu, made by pickling 16 kinds of herbs, is condensed into one candy ball.

Houmei-dama’ candy is also on sale in Sun Station – Fukuyama.

Nakashima Shoten sells Hōmeitama, a candy that is popular among people of all ages as an easy way to take in herbs that are good for the body. The candy balls are made from a combination of carefully selected candies from a sugar specialty store and Hommei sake, which has been loved in Fukuyama for hundreds of years, in a perfect balance. Although the candy balls are made from sake lees, they do not contain alcohol, making them a perfect gift for children.


720-00421-13-5 Mifune-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays