Utopia Saioto (ユートピアサイオト)

Utopia Saioto is a ski resort located in Kitahiroshima-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture. There are a total of nine courses, including a slope course where people of all levels from beginners to experts can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, and a kids’ course where children can play with sleds. There is also an accommodation facility named “Saioto Lodge”, where you can enjoy winter sports to your heart’s content.

(Ski Lift Fee)
Adult – ¥3,500~
Child – (Junior High School student and below) – ¥1,000
※If you wish to use your student discount, please present your passport or school ID at reception before entering.

In addition to a wide variety of slope courses, Utopia Saioto has many other attractive facilities. One of the most popular is the family rest area with a kotatsu in the “Sophie’s” family rest area. In the tatami-floored rest area, there is a kotatsu, a traditional Japanese heating device, where you can warm yourself freely. There is also a powder room for women only, complete with a private shampoo table and a fitting room for a relaxing change of clothes.


144 Saioto, Kitahiroshima-cho, Yamagata District, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
8:00 - 17:00
Ski Resort: March - December (exact dates vary annually; please check in advance)
Green Season: November - March (exact dates vary annually; please check in advance)