Hiroshima Specialties

Melonpan Flagship Store (メロンパン本店)

The Melonpan flagship store is a bakery in Kure. The bright emerald green building is the landmark of the bakery, and there are many kinds of handmade breads on display. The signature item is the Melonpan (Melon Bread), which gives the store its name. It looks like a chocolate fruit and is a popular bread that can only be found in Hiroshima Prefecture. In addition to the main store, it is also sold at supermarkets such as YouMe Town Kure and Yours ekie.

The melon buns at the Melonpan flagship store have a distinctive rugby ball-like shape, unlike the round melon buns that are eaten every day in Japan. The melonpan is filled with a special custard cream that is as moist as red bean paste, and you will feel satisfied enough to fill up on just one piece. In addition to melon buns, the store also sells a variety of other breads with a simple, traditional taste, such as “anpan,” which are buns filled with red bean paste, and sandwiches.


7-14-1 Hondori, Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, JAPAN
7:00 - 17:00
※ Will close as soon as stock runs out.